ADHD Testing & Diagnosis For Children Sydney

Child Assessment & Testing - ADHD Testing & Diagnosis Sydney

When to test for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children?

1. Your child is highly impulsive and constantly ends up in trouble due to an inability to control his/her behaviour.

2. Your child has a "short attention span" and he/she is unable remember simple instructions.

3. Your child's teacher or preschool teacher is concerned about behavioural issues or violence towards other children.

4. Your child has no friends because he/she is "too intense" for other children.

5. You or your family is concerned about your child's behaviour or ability to follow instructions.

The following pages provide more information about what is ADHD, how is ADHD tested and diagnosed and what main treatment approaches are available for children. Parents considering an ADHD assessment for their children are also strongly encouraged to watch the ABC program, "Kids on Speed", while available at iview HERE.The program highlights the importance of a detailed assessment to identify ADHD.

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