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At the Comprehensive Psychological Assessment Centre (CPAC) we provide evidence based psychological assessment services. Our psychologists are trained professionals with a broad range of experience in psychometric test administration, interpretation and reporting.


We use up-to-date psychometric assessment tools, and when possible we rely on Australian measures and standards. At CPAC we follow a "scientist - practitioner " model and accordingly monitor current scientific research that may influence the assessment process. This approach ensures high quality standards that reflect evidence based thinking.

We provide a supportive and professional environment that assures optimal test performance. Our offices are child friendly and our psychologists are skilled in maintaining children's interest in the assessment process.


In accordance with the Psychologist's Act 2001 and the guidelines of the NSW Psychologists' Registration Board, we maintain strict confidentiality. All reports are prepared by the psychologist conducting the assessment and all obtained information stored securely by CPAC. Test results are only provided to third parties when written consent was obtained from the client or from a parent/guardian. In circumstances where failure to disclose information may result in clear risk to the client or to others, we may disclose minimal information necessary to avert risk.

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