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Welcome to our site! Comprehensive Psychology offers professional and friendly assessment and treatment services for children and families. We test intellectual ability (IQ), academic potential, developmental disorders (e.g., autism), and behavioural and emotional functioning. We offer treatment for behavioural problems, emotional difficulties (e.g., anxiety, depression, low self-esteem), ADHD, anger and family difficulties.

All child psychology assessments and treatment are provided by experienced clinical and developmental psychologists with extensive knowledge working with children and families.

Contact Comprehensive Psychology today to discuss your concerns. Telephone advice available Monday to Saturday between 9am and 6pm.


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Our Services
Diagnostic Assessments with Clinical and Educational Psychologists
As child psychologists, we specialise in all areas of child assessment encompassing cognitive, behavioural and emotional functioning. The first step towards helping children is to obtain an accurate evaluation and diagnosis of their difficulties and abilities through sessions with an educational or clinical psychologist.
Psychological Treatment for Children and Adolescents with Experienced Clinical Psychologists
We provide individualised treatment for children, adolescents and families. Our treatment approaches are evidence based and proven to work. We also visit schools and attend parent-teacher meetings. This way we can work with your child's teachers and ensure the best possible outcome.
Cognitive and Academic Ability Assessments - IQ Tests and Academic Potential
We provide intellectual ability and academic assessments to plan for your child's future. The areas we cover include intellectual ability (IQ) testing, school achievement ability (reading, writing, numeracy and comprehension) and assessment of cognitive development level.
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